Decor Installation


Decor Installation: $800+

“But who is going to set up the reception?!” Because of venue policies, you may not be able to get into your venue early to set up. If you find yourself in this kind of bind, give us a call! 

Our decor installation package is designed specifically for scenarios like this. 

How it works: 

Once you have finalized every component of your design — tablescapes, gift tables, guest book styling, cocktail tables, the whole nine yards — we’ll schedule an in-home meeting to create your mock ups! This way you don’t have to lug totes of decor anywhere AND we’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. 

Together we’ll create a checklist of every piece of your design for us to use on the big day. I’m all about crossing those “T”s and dotting those “I”s! 

On the day of, we will head to the venue according to your timeline and get the space designed just to the plan. We will always send confirmation photos to you or your day of contact for the final GO! At the end of the night, we arrive in time to tear down at a steady, unnoticeable pace. This way we have plenty of time to get things back into the correct tote, instead of rushing through tear down. No more “OH NO, we have to be out in 27 minutes! Just put it wherever!”

You can put your decor worries to rest knowing the hours you spent creating these designs are in the hands of a designer! 

Reach out to us here to set up our decor installation package for your big day!

*Price varies based on needed man power*